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New project: Community for the VN Comic Art lovers

Vietnamese teenagers loves comic. They love different kind of comic such as manga, manhua, manhwa and Western comic. I saw many youths growing up from comic, learning from it, getting inspiration from it. It’s like a sky of  their childhood. Over recent years, Vietnamese comic is in on its way of development. Unfortunately, the speed is too slow. People who want to become a comic artist don’t have a place for them to practice and learn. I hope this community can help!

Studio Project 2 Portfolio

This is my work on the studio project 2. In this project, I have learned many things:

– A brand new approach of way to detect a problem into built environment.

– How to choose a theoretical perspective and the way to implement it into a design product.

– Steps of developing strategies in order to response the aim of the Project.

– And so on that I cannot list out…

Also, I feel quite disappointed with my english. It held me back a lot, especially when I tried to understand my chosen theory.  

Running out of time

There are hundred of things that I think I need to finish in this year. All of them, I think, it’s necessary for my future career. But…. I am running out of time. I disappointed myself, I need some motivation so I can concentrate when I work.

Soren Kierkegaard

Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.Soren Kierkegaard

Lincoln St Benedict Square – A city backyard

This is the design for the first studio project in my Master Degree programme. This project located behind the St Benedict Church on High Street in Lincoln. 

High Street is one of the most important street of Lincoln into the city center. There were many churches registered on this street from 1300s, one of them was the Lincoln Cathedral which famous over the Uk.



It ‘s just a few month since I left my country to study abroad the second time. This time I came to a new place with many things new : new school, new friends, new environment,… But I don’t know why this time is so different. I feel lonelier. Last year, in Newcastle, I had… Continue reading

My cousin residential house – First phase

The site located at Long An Province in Vietnam. The owner needs a house for his family with 4 members: parents and 2 kids. There are three requests from him. First, it is the price of construction. He is only a staff of the post office so he don’t have too much money. Second, he… Continue reading

Hello the box!

After thinking everything carefully, I finally decided to start this page. Why do I choose the name “the box” for this personal site? I don’t know, I really don’t know. I just want to find a place where I can show myself without any judgement from anybody. A place where I feel comfortable to do… Continue reading