Andy Nguyen

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It ‘s just a few month since I left my country to study abroad the second time. This time I came to a new place with many things new : new school, new friends, new environment,… But I don’t know why this time is so different. I feel lonelier.
Last year, in Newcastle, I had friends. Not too much but I could find them any time I needed even though it was just for a walk.
Living in Uk for two years, besides the knowledge from school, I learned much, especially the meanings of life, friendship and love. In Vietnam, when I saw somebody taking places in hug campaign on the road, I just laughed and didn’t look at them even an eye. But now, everything inside me has changed, I really need a hug. I miss the warming of people, I need somebody to talk to me.

I miss my family, my friend, and someone special (even she could forget me already). I miss the taste of Vietnamese food. I miss the temperature of my country.

I will come back! Vietnam, wait for me!