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My cousin residential house – First phase

The site located at Long An Province in Vietnam. The owner needs a house for his family with 4 members: parents and 2 kids. There are three requests from him. First, it is the price of construction. He is only a staff of the post office so he don’t have too much money. Second, he wanted his house is not too small because his family will live in this house for a very long time. Third, he wanted his house using natural ventilation.

This is the first design for him.

Perspective 1


Perspective 2


To make use of the natural ventilation, I decided opening a  big lightwell at the middle of the house so that all of spaces can surround it. The living room and the kitchen are opened directly to the lightwell with out any barriers. Besides, the ceiling of the living room is opened through the next floor.

There are two proposal for the plan of the 2nd floor. With the first proposal, he will have 2 separate rooms for his daughters. It would be a good condition when his daughters older. however, with the second proposal plan, although he only have 1 room for both daughters, he will have a family room and a long balcony at behind the house to wash and dry his family clothes.

I am waiting for his opinion.